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Designing Our Client's Future

The most interesting thing about SekureLink is just how well it embodies all of RizzoRizzo’s core services. We are an integral, ongoing part of the marketing team for SekureLink, and have been since we scrawled out the first version of the logo on a cocktail napkin, and decided to spell “Sekure” with a k so we could purchase sekurelink.com.

Bumper-to-bumper SekureLink represents our brand building, creative, design, video, animation, and web talents all aimed towards a singular goal:

Creating a unique product that stands out in its marketplace.

The SekureLink line has been a big hit with customers, with the client, and has helped to build credibility and prestige for Security Seed among vendors. It’s hard to look at the packaging design, the website, and the videos, and not see a strong contender in a market packed with multi-billion dollar chemical companies. We’re proud to show off our work against such gargantuan competition.

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