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There's No Such Thing as Too Busy

Businesses are built on word of mouth.

Many, if not all of our clients, grew their business by working hard and earning a reputation for excellence in their industry.

Great Lakes Collision is no different.
The most important time to create new and focused marketing tools is when business is good,
when things are going smoothly, to capitalize on the wave and ride it to even bigger and better things.

Great Lakes Collision invested in a new website and video at exactly the right time to maximize the benefits.

  • Being a “Qualified Crew”

    Being a “Qualified Crew”

    So I came across a fun article on ProductionHub this week: 5 Insider Tips for Hiring a Qualified Film Crew ProductionHub is a great resource in the ind...

  • Breaking the Chains of Mental Illness Gala

    Breaking the Chains of Mental Illness Gala

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  • Video Increases Clicks by 65%

    Video Increases Clicks by 65%

    This is an infographic with great information (if haphazard design) created by Syndacast. The gist of it is simple: Video works. Video is increasingly a...